Welcome to the new site !

We've been gathering material (and translating it) for the last few years. Some people say we are the result of the addition of the people we met, plus the places we saw and books we read. We are what emerges from he experiences we transit. Is in that spirit that the idea of this website -besides being the place where to share the works one carries on- is that it'll be a space of consultation and reference for the productions one has worked in, but also for the works itself and the theatres where they first open, and the other artists with whom one works on them.

A place where to meet and get in contact -with the spot on social media and sites referential for the industry (like Internet Movie Data Base and Operabase)-. A place where to find information about colleagues, theatres and their works. A place where to come looking for an artist you like, but from where you might leave with other five you did not know. 

It is also our answer to that feeling of "community" we love so much during rehearsals, and that thins unavoidably after performances go by… to be transformed again on the next experience. 

Today is just the seed. Many articles do not have their translations available yet. We are missing works and colleagues (we began backwards, and made it as far as 2008. The idea is to keep incorporating our history). At the same time, the News section will grow and keep feeding up weekly, while the section of Events follows up close the performances of our present shows or those in preparation (and you can even save the date in your own calendars with just one click!). We hope to be able to keep updating the bios and to keep updated any relevant information about theatres, as well to complete the sections that are not as finished in some languages as they are in others and create new sections, with projects, press releases and reviews. 

We hope you like it. Go through it, surf it, share it and if you happen to find mistakes or experience problems of any kind, please, report back!!