La Cenerentola

22th & 23th September 2017Teatro Palbo Tobón Uribe . Medellín, Colombia+ View Moredummy
The creative paradox:  embrace the baggage and cultural memories of the piece and simultaneously hear and see it freshly. To forget is almost as important as to learn.


Repertory . 2016No Avestruz . Buenos Aires, Argentina+ View Moredummy

Sydney Opera House unveils designs for Renewal

Renewal plans prepare Opera House for future generations of performers, audiences and visitors 

August 11, 2016+ View Moredummy

Rebecca Bottone

Opera Singer + View Moredummy

Mikel Calderón-Revuelta

Don Pasquale

Repertory . 2015Teatro Pérez Galdós . Las Palmas, Spain+ View Moredummy
Look at what you want, not at where you are, not at what you'll be - Look at all the things you've done for me (…)
Stop worrying if your vision is new... Let others make that decision- They usually do. You keep moving on (…)
Look at what you've done, then at what you want, not at where you are... What you'll be... Look at all the things you gave to me
Let me give to you something in return... I would be so pleased...

Khedivial Opera House

El Cairo . Egipto+ View Moredummy