From May 14th to June 04th - 2017La Monnaie . Brussels, Belgium+ View Moredummy
Lets us flee from the scorching sun 
of this desert land. 
A new fatherland
reveals itself to our love. 
there, in the vergin forests, 
fragrant with sweet flowers, 
we shall forget the world
in blessed joy...

La Cenerentola

22th & 23th September 2017Teatro Metropolitano . Medellín, Colombia+ View Moredummy

The Dubai Opera Opened

The Country's First Opera House and Multi Format Theatre opened on August 31st with a sold out featuring top talent in a dhow-inspired theatre.

September 01, 2016+ View Moredummy

Conor Murphy

Set Designer + View Moredummy

Mikel Calderón-Revuelta

The creative paradox:  embrace the baggage and cultural memories of the piece and simultaneously hear and see it freshly. To forget is almost as important as to learn.

Don Pasquale

Repertory . 2015Teatro Pérez Galdós . Las Palmas, Spain+ View Moredummy


París . Francia+ View Moredummy