Melancholy of Resistance

June 30th to July 12th 2024Berlin Staatsoper . Berlin, Germany+ View Moredummy
The creative paradox:  embrace the baggage and cultural memories of the piece and simultaneously hear and see it freshly. To forget is almost as important as to learn.


JULY 26TH TO JULY 30TH 2021Saluzzo Opera Academy . Saluzzo, Italy+ View Moredummy

La Traviata Free Broadcast #stayhome

Compañía Lírica Nacional of Costa Rica will broadcast La Traviata and Don Giovanni for free on social media.

April 02, 2020+ View Moredummy

José Darío Innella

Stage Director + View Moredummy

Mikel Calderón-Revuelta

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.

La Traviata

July 27th to August 1st - 2017Teatro Melico Salazar . San Jose, + View Moredummy

When you change the way an individual thinks of himself, you change the way he lives in his community and thereby you change the community in some way. 

Jo Carson, poet and playwright

Real Madrid

Madrid . España+ View Moredummy