La Cenerentola

22th & 23th September 2017+ View Moredummy
All hope of rising again is forever gone.
For the wretched woman who erred one day!
Even if God grants her mercy charitably
Man will always be implacable.

La Traviata

July 27th to 1st August - 2017Teatro Melico Salazar . San Jose, + View Moredummy

Verdi's Aida at La Monnaie

Verdi's Aida at the La Monnaie Theatre will be streamed on May 28th on ARTE's website, and will stay available until July 21st, 2017 on La Monnaie's website and on The Opera Platform. 

May 24, 2017+ View Moredummy

Kurt Streit

Opera Singer + View Moredummy

Mikel Calderón-Revuelta

Lets us flee from the scorching sun 
of this desert land. 
A new fatherland
reveals itself to our love. 
there, in the vergin forests, 
fragrant with sweet flowers, 
we shall forget the world
in blessed joy...


Repertory . 2016No Avestruz . Buenos Aires, Argentina+ View Moredummy
The creative paradox:  embrace the baggage and cultural memories of the piece and simultaneously hear and see it freshly. To forget is almost as important as to learn.

Teatro Colon

Buenos Aires . Argentina+ View Moredummy