Verdi's Aida at La Monnaie

Verdi's Aida at the La Monnaie Theatre will be streamed on May 28th on ARTE's website, and will stay available until July 21st, 2017 on La Monnaie's website and on The Opera Platform. 

Nothing compares to the live experience, of course, but to be able to watch from the comfort of your own home has to be the second best option. 

To respond to love or to the call of duty? 

Against a backdrop of war and abuses, Aida shows a captivating love triangle stretched between the Egyptian princess Amneris, General Radames and Aida, an enslaved Ethiopian princess. Artistic director of the National Theater of Greece Stathis Livathinos presents here his first opera production.

Aida is an Ethiopian princess slave of Amneris, the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt. She secretly loves Radames, the captain of the royal guard, soon promoted to general of the armies. The war between Egypt and Ethiopia is raging. Can Aida resolve to love the one who is about to massacre her own people? The victorious return of the Egyptian army does not appease Aida, quite the contrary: among the prisoners brought back from the fight is Aida's own father, Amonasro. The latter, taking advantage of the love between Aida and Radames, hatched a plan in order to learn Egyptian’s strategic positions and win the victory. He forgets, however, the contradictions of the heroes: the conflict between desire and duty is closed on Aida and Radames as a stifling trap.